Korean Bibimbap

I’ve been enjoying Korean Bibimbaps in London for the past years so it was quite a surprise for me to find that people have rarely heard of them in Luxembourg yet. What a shame, as they’re the best way to load up an heaps of great veggies!

Bibimbaps are basically hot stone bowls filled with rice and all kinds of vegetables, a bit of beef and topped with a fried egg. The sizzling bowls arrive at your table so hot that you need to use a cloth to hold on to it. Once you’re ready to tuck in, you add a spoonful of spicy bibimbap sauce, mix it all up so that it’s one big reddish mess, and help yourself. I always like to leave a bit of rice at the bottom of the bowl, which I press to the hot stone, so that when it comes to second helpings, I’m presented with a crispy rice base – that’s my favourite thing about the Bibimbap, the crispy rice crust!

So, how to recreate a delicious Bibimbap at home, without a sizzling stone bowl and without tasty gochujang sauce (a fermented Korean chili paste, which gives the Bibimbap its authentic flavour)?! Well, I found the solution: a frying pan and sriracha sauce! Basically, you fry some cooled rice in a bit of oil without stirring, until it has a crispy bottom! Brilliant cheat’s version. As for the sauce: you replace the gochujang with sriracha, which is widely available in Luxembourg. *Bham*

PS: If you want to use gochijang, in this recipe, use double the quantity that you’d use for sriracha (sriracha is way hotter!).


March 7, 2016