Crispy Chickpea Kathi Roll

You might not know Kathi rolls yet, but I’m sure it’s going to be love at first bite! Kathi rolls are an Indian streetfood snack from Kalkutta. It’s basically a wrap with some grilled food inside. Over the years kathi rolls have I’ve never had a kathi roll outside of London (where there are lots of Indian restaurants), and I’m dreaming of travelling to Kolkata one day to eat some in the streets…

For my interpretation of the kathi roll I am stuffing the roll with an Indian-flavoured omelet, crispy chickpeas, fresh vegetable-studded raita and sweet mango chutney. The various flavours will dance on your tongue and create the ultimate Indian lunchtime treat!

You can prepare the chickpeas and raita up to a day ahead. When you fill your kathi roll, think of filling a burrito: don’t overfill it as it will become impossible to roll, and wrap the ‘burrito’ in foil or baking paper for it all to hold together while eating. The kathi roll is best eaten warm, but you can eat it cold too – the chickpeas might go soggy though if you wait for too long.

March 14, 2021