I’m Anne and I’m a food addict. Always planning the next thing that will be on my plate, I get particularly excited by spicy Thai food, proper fish and chips and anything that has rhubarb or cinnamon in it. Whenever I have some free space in my diary, I jump on a plane to eat my way around the world. The first thing I devour when I’m back in Luxembourg is a Rieslingspaschtéit.

Food has always been an obsession of mine. When I was little I was in the Scouts. And every honourable little scout had to get these badges for their uniforms, you know, like the “First Aid Badge”, the “Sports Badge” etc, you get the idea. Right, and the other day I stumbled upon my old uniform, and I realized that I only ever received two badges! And guess what they were?! The “Cooking Badge” and the “Reporter Badge”. I think I was destined to become a food journalist!

I started “Anne’s Kitchen” as a food blog in February 2010, to share my growing recipe collection. Back then, I worked as a journalist in London, and I dreamed of turning my career towards food journalism. Little did I know that creating this blog would lead me on the path to becoming the most influential food personality in Luxembourg, with my own TV show, a handful of cookbooks under my belt and travelling to embassies around the world as Luxembourg’s (inofficial) food ambassador!

My food was initially heavily influenced by London, where I lived for 12 years. It stared as a mix of British recipes and eclectic food from London’s innumerable international communities. Over time, my recipes evolved, focusing a lot of the flavours I discovered on my travels around the world. Coming back from food heavens like Thailand, Japan, Israel, Berlin or Barcelona, I would spend time in my little kitchen creating new recipes that included far-away flavours and techniques. These days, based in Luxembourg and my tastes have changed. I find myself more and more turning towards seasonal and local ingredients, searching for the flavours of my childhood and trying to understand my food heritage. I’m still putting my ‘little twist’ on all my recipes, but I feel more grounded and connected to the food around me.

I would describe my approach to cooking like magpie collecting flavours. I pick up inspiration wherever I go and I create easy recipes that are accessible and that are guaranteed to work.

By now I have published 5 cookbooks and filmed over 8 seasons of my cooking / travel TV show (which has been running for almost 10 years on RTL Télé Lëtzbuerg). I have created a Luxembourg-shaped cookie cutter, and I have my own wine (a Pinot Gris made by Caves Desom) to accompany my food.

Lastly, a shout-out to Luxembourg’s ever-growing expat community, who I hope to welcome to my little country through my food adventures. I hope my work brings Luxembourg’s food and culture a bit closer to you and I am so honoured to know that my TV show is being used by many expats to learn Luxembourgish!

For me cooking is all about sharing and enjoying life. I hope I can continue for many more years doing this work I love, and inspire you to cook good food, wherever you are in the world!

Happy cooking!

x Anne

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August 28, 2013

0 thoughts on “About Anne

  1. Mir hun elo just deng kachsendung op rtl gekuckt a sinn total begeeschtert. Mach weider esou. Mir sin och londonfans, gin 1 mol am joer dohin. 🙂

  2. Hi Anne, I would then be the exact opposite to you.
    I was born to british parents in Luxemburg, something likenear 52 years ago and as you surely know, over here they firmly believe the brits can´t cook. I´ve done my best to prove them wrong and I´ve got a few friends that just go mad on “Englesch Pangescher” i.e. Yorkies, mint jelly and all!
    You just inspired me to knock up an full E.B. for a couple of luxemburgish friends of mine this morning, but I used english saucages and bacon from you know where, tomatoes and mushroomes and fried eggs and…. (i sinned) fried bread! I mean fried bread like my gran used to do it, fried in the leftover batter (or dripping as she used to call it) from frying the bacon and saucages. Needless to say, nobody will be moving much for some time this afternoon, ´till that lot sets. I warned them not to pig themselves. But who would listen to a Brit even if he can cook.
    Thanks for opening up the minds of some folks that still think that the world begins and ends at their frontdoor. I say it doesn´t. The world is full of tasty wonders.
    Keep up the good work and I´ll try to convince my Mom that “Judd mat Gardenbounen-Pie” has something just as exciting and exeptional as “Steak and Kidney” does.
    Give us a call when you come to Lux next time and I´ll knock you up “My Trifle”. That will stop you in your tracks.
    All the best,
    X Gary

  3. Hi Anne

    just bought 4 of your books. I kept one for myself and gave the others to my friends as a present…love it. Great pictures
    I’m a big fan of your work
    …maach sou weider
    PS: hun och de Kach-Badge gemaach, kann awer nit sou gudd kachen wi’s du

  4. Hi Anne,
    ich habe Dich bereits gefragt, ob Du Interesse daran hättest, bei “Inspiring-Speaker.com” mitzumachen, spricht:
    ich bin dabei eine Firma auf die Beine zu stellen, die “Inspiring Speakers” europaweit vermitteln wird!
    Und da Du auf alle Fälle inspirierend bist, wärest Du eine Idealbesetzung!
    Die Webseite ist in Mache und sollte Ende Mai fertig sein.
    Die Firma ist in Luxembourg registriert, wo ich selber wohne und arbeite.
    Meine Mailadresse: artur.sosna@lpbc.lu
    Ich bin gespannt auf Deine Antwort
    Schönen Tag

  5. Hi Anne,
    It’s a really nice website.I felt so proud of you, i don’t know much about British food, but I do love cookie and cakes…I am already a big fan of you, hoping you will come to China soon. If you have any plan of that, please let feel free to let me know.

    Best regards,

  6. Watched some of your videos during my Luxembourgish classes, as the teacher is a big fan and I have also become an addict to your cool videos! I love the mix of taste you make, the way you present and your sense of humor. You make people love cooking! Hope to bump into you in Luxemburg

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