Israeli aubergine with herb rice

Aubergines are a magical vegetable. They are so versatile and their gentle, creamy flesh can take on any kinds of flavours. In Israel, aubergines are used in innumerable dishes. Their flesh can be blistered over flames, to give them a smoky dimension (like for babaganoush). They can be cooked in stews, roasted, fried. There are so many ways to cook an aubergine (but it has to be cooked right! As everyone who ever bit into an undercooked aubergine will know).

So, for this dish I am roasting the aubergine halves and then stuffing them with fragrant lentils. It’s a vegetarian take on a Middle Eastern classic (aubergine stuffed with lamb mince). Add to that some pomegranate seeds for colour, and serve it with herbed saffron rice and a dollop of lemon yoghurt. A vegetarian delight!

January 11, 2022