White Asparagus with Béchamel

Asparagus season is my springtime highlight! Unlike in the UK, where green asparagus are the norm, most people in Luxembourg prefer white asparagus. But did you know that they are in fact exactly the same plant?

An asparagus can turn green or white depending on how it is grown. When the spears pop out of the ground, they turn green, so in Luxembourg, farmers keep covering the asparagus with soil as they grow upwards, so that they stay white! White asparagus are more delicate in taste than their green siblings, and they need to be peeled, as the skin is quite tough and stringy.

Traditionally, asparagus are served with a Hollandaise sauce, but at home, my mum would always dish up asparagus with a béchamel sauce instead. I was quite surprised when I found out that this is a fairly ‘lowfat’ béchamel, as most of the liquid is asparagus cooking water, and not cream, as I always thought it was!

May 11, 2019