Anne’s Pinot Gris

I have my own wine now!!!

I’ve selected this lovely Pinot Gris by Domaine Caves Desom as it goes perfectly with the food I love: flavours from Luxembourg as well as exotic dishes.

We’ve put a twist on the traditional Pinot Gris by aging a third of the grapes in French oak barrels, bestowing this medium-dry white wine with a touch of smoked oak and vanilla.

With hints of mirabelle and honey, this full-bodied white wine goes well with roasted meats and smoky foods such as Judd mat Gaardebounen and Flammkuchen. Personally, I love pairing it with Asian food, especially Thai curries. You can find plenty of food pairing inspiration here in my recipe archive.

The wine sells at 12.90€ per bottle. This is a limited edition, so I’m exclusively selling through Desom, with a minimum purchase of 6 bottles.

You can order the wine here on Letzshop.

Or you can contact me on anne@anneskitchen.lu for any orders.

Prost an e Gudden,

October 29, 2019