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This is a cookbook you can turn to for every occasion! TV chef Anne Faber of Anne’s Kitchen takes ingredients we are most likely to find in our kitchens and turns them into 65 easy-going recipes that will become friends for life.

Publishing date 14th November 2020

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Take a bite out of Luxembourg! Discover Luxembourgish cuisine in 10 traditional recipes – and their 10 revisited twists! Cook classic Kniddelen with bacon, or make vegetarian Kachkéis Kniddelen. Go for authentic Judd mat Gaardebounen, or turn it into a crispy Flammkuchen. Each traditional recipe is followed by a modernised version created by TV chef Anne Faber of Anne’s Kitchen. This is Luxembourgish cuisine for everyone!

Published 1st June 2019

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In my third cookbook, I explore the cuisine of my homeland, giving traditional Luxembourg dishes an original twist and cooking with local, seasonal ingredients.

From dainty Mettwurscht Muffins to hearty Judd mat Gaardebounen cannelloni to comforting Kachkéis fondue and festive Bamkuch squares, my recipes bestow beloved classics with a unique touch.

This is Luxembourg cuisine like you’ve never tasted it before!

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My second cookbook takes inspiration from three captivating cities – Barcelona, Istanbul and Berlin.

From Mediterranean tapas and oriental delights to hearty German comfort food – there are over 100 easy and original recipes for every occasion. Illustrated with inspiring photos and sprinkled with anecdotes from my travels, this book will take you on a colourful journey filled with culinary adventures.

Published October 2014

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My first book is packed with over 100 British-inspired recipes.

From hearty pies and comforting Sunday roasts to heavenly afternoon tea spreads and delightful desserts – Anne has an easy recipe for every occasion. Bursting with stunning photography throughout and sprinkled with quirky anecdotes from my London life, this book is a celebration of all things British.

Published October 2013

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