Pan-fried Scallops with Creamy Vegetables

Right, I’m back. Just popped out to get some scallops for a very fancy lunch. Well, not really that fancy, but serving scallops and white wine for lunch isn’t very casual either.. Still, I’ve been meaning to make this dish for a while, and, walking past my fishmonger, I just couldn’t resist taking home a few fat scallops.

I just really love scallops: pan-fried and they release this smokey, almost meaty flavour or wrapped in dim sum parcels, where their delicate flavour is simply unbeatable. Scallops are lovely. Still, I had to learn the other day that not all scallops are! You see, I did the fatal mistake of buying frozen scallops – thinking I could save on a few pennies and also eat them over the course of a few weeks. Big mistake! As they gradually defrosted, a fishy smell started unfolding in my kitchen… A very fishy smell. I thought it could all be saved by frying the scallops, but nope, the fishy smell just lingered andit also tasted pretty damn fishy. Not nice. Not nice at all!

So, lesson learnt, always buy fresh scallops!

March 22, 2013