Pancetta-Wrapped Figs

Oh how I love autumn flavours, they’re simply the best ever! The comforting smells and textures of chestnuts, apples, squash, cabbages and grapes are simply unbeatable. Autumn truly is my favourite season of the year.

I love strolling past my local fruit and veg stalls to check out the seasonal produce. The other day a box of fresh figs caught my eye. You could get 4 figs for the bargain price of £1, how could I possibly resist? All year long I fantasize about the delicious dishes that could be made with fresh figs – but never encountering a single fresh fig. So when I saw these little round velvety fruits at the local store, I just had to get them, even though I hadn’t any specific recipe in mind.

Once at home a quick glance at the contents of my fridge determined these figs’ destiny. I still had some pancetta, some fresh rosemary and a bag of rocket. So, just like that – one, two, three –  a very quick and unfussy lunch was assembled.

If you happen to have the time to actually plan this fig feast, you could enhance it by stuffing each fig with a bit of goats cheese and sprinkle some honey on the figs once they come out of the oven. Either way, a delicious meal to celebrate autumn! ★

October 10, 2010