South-African Oepsies with spicy slaw

I’d never heard about Oepsies before my friends Nadine and Rupert made them for me. Nadine sells South African wine in Luxembourg (check out Taste of Africa here) and Rupert is South African – so we ofen grill/braai at their home. One of the most popular grilled snacks in South Africa are these little oepsies – sweet marinated bacon strips, which make for an incredibly moreish experience. The bacon is marinated in a sweet sticky marinade which combines barbecue sauce with honey and other yummy ingredients and you end up getting sweet, sticky bacon skewers.

I like to serve these oepsies with a spicy coleslaw, to which I add grilled sweetcorn for added sweetness. A winning combination!

This recipe is made with plenty of products from Moutarderie de Luxembourg, as part of our brand collaboration.

June 9, 2022