Japanese Okonomiyaki Pancake

In the summer of 2015, I was in Tokyo to cook for the National Day reception at the Luxembourg embassy (you can watch the news piece on my Tokyo stint here).

Whenever I wasn’t standing in the kitchen or hunting down European ingredients for my finger food banquet, I was eating my way around this exciting city. In particular, I loved spending my evenings in tiny little restaurants that prepare okonomiyaki right in front of you. Okonomiyaki is a very popular Japanese cabbage pancake from Hiroshima and Osaka. It is fried and then smothered in a lip-smacking okonomiyaki sauce, then drizzled with mayonnaise and sprinkled with dried tuna flakes. I’ve tweaked the recipe a little bit by using ingredients that are easy to find in Luxembourg. This is now my favourite recipe to make use of the abundance of cabbage during our long winters.

You can watch how to make this recipe here.

If you want the recipe in Luxembourgish you can find it here.

This is a recipe from my book “Home Sweet Home – My Luxembourg”.

December 10, 2016