Red Velvet Cupcakes

Oh no, not another Valentine’s blog post! Well, rest assured, this one has nothing to do with schmoozy love stuff. For me this post is dedicated to my amazing family and friends, who are making my world.

So let me thank you all for being so great. Especially mum, who’s at the moment the biggest and best supporter of a huge project I’m working on.
Christine, for being such an awesome sister and always listening.
Dad for helping me work out some of the complicated tasks ahead.
Emma for inspiring me over the years and never failing to amaze.
Verena for always being there.
Carole for being such a cool fellow foodie.
Elmira for being so enthusiastic about everything I do.
Ayshea for her hard work and amazing creativeness.
Jael for sharing cakes and stories.
Lawrence for being a token Brit and always helping out.

And everyone else too!!! Thank you for following this blog and loving great food! You’re all awesome!

NOTE: I’ve updated the recipe in March 2015 as I found the PERFECT red velvet cupcake thanks to my neighbour Emma. They’re the moistest cupcakes ever. True cupcake love.

February 8, 2013