Baked Mont d’Or

I think the end of the year (and the beginning of a new one) calls for comfort dishes that are easy to share. In Luxembourg, people love to eat raclette or fondue in large groups. Huddled around a table, guests lay slices of smelly cheese onto little pans, sliding them under a little table grill and melting them to perfection. When it comes to fondue, a big saucepan full of cheese is set in the middle of the table over a little flame, and people dip in pieces of stale bread (if you lose your piece of bread in the cheese, you have to pay for the next round). It’s always cheesy heaven!

Now, I like to mix things up, and this baked Mont d’Or fondue is perfect for a small fondue feast between two people. I’ve ditched up the stale bread and replaced it with new potatoes and – controversally – baked Brussels sprouts wrapped in bacon. Love it or hate it (I love it!)! But I dare you, give it a try and I’m pretty damn sure you’ll love it!

December 28, 2019