Grilled Brie Sandwich

Omg, your lunchtime is going to be epic! This grilled cheese sandwich is an absolute bomb of a sandwich. Melting brie paired with soft red onions, peppery ruccola and a delicious honey mustard drizzle. You’ll want to eat this on a daily basis!

A note on the honey mustard drizzle: I’ve made this with the strong mustard from Moutarderie de Luxembourg, which is great as I’m using a local product. You can swap it for Dijon mustard if you’re not in Luxembourg. Also, the drizzle makes a lovely salad dressing – just add some olive oil and drizzle over your favourite salad leaves.

I created this recipe for Moutarderie de Luxembourg, as part of our brand collaboration.

Find the recipe in other languages here: Luxembourgish, French, German.

February 18, 2022