Kachkéis Schmier

Kachkéis is one of those Luxembourgish food oddities that is hard to describe. Basically, it’s a cooked cheese that’s quite runny – think of the texture of glue: stringy, gloopy and rubbery. Its taste is impossible to descibe, you just have to try it… Pungent and strong but not revolting and nothing like a strong French cheese. It’s very unique, so if you ever come to Luxembourg you will have to try it!

Kachkéis is made from metton, the milk solids left after cream production. It’s virtually fat-free but high in calcium. Traditionally, people would cook the Kachkéis themselves at home, buying an uncooked Kachkéis portion in the shape of a “sausage” and melting it with milk or cream. But these days you find ready-to-eat Kachkéis in every shop. Varieties include low-fat and with herbs – the latter is my favourite.

Since most people I know have never cooked the Kachkéis from scratch, I thought it would be an idea to feature a basic recipe for it on here. The ratio of cheese/liquid stays always the same (250g cheese, 150ml liquid), but you can vary the liquid elements. I like to use cream and white wine as it makes it silky with a subtle hint of wine, but you could just use milk (even low-fat milk) instead for a healthier version.

I hope you enjoy Kachkéis and if you’re visiting Luxembourg, you should put a Kachkéis “sausage” on your shopping list, as it’s vacuum-packed and you can take it home in your suitcase! They come in either 250g or 500g portions and you’ll find them in every supermarket.

July 17, 2016