Spiced Orange Cream

This orange cream (without the cinnamon) was a well-kept family secret for a long time. My grandma would regularly make it as dessert for her Sunday lunch, and my mum has served it at many a dinner party. When I asked her for the recipe, she said she’d only give it to me if I promised not to share it on my blog or in any of my books. Now, I’m not one for breaking promises, but after years of me begging to publish it, my mum and grandma finally caved and allowed me to use it here. Needless to say I am really grateful for this and I have learnt one invaluable lesson: persistence pays off, yay!

You can watch how to make this recipe here.

If you want the recipe in Luxembourgish you can find it here.

This is a recipe from my book “Home Sweet Home – My Luxembourg”.

This quick step-by-step video was filmed together with Auchan in 2018.


December 17, 2016