Traditional Wäffelcher

This is the most iconic cookie in Luxembourg!

I think many Luxembourgers have fond memories of making Wäffelcher at their grandparents’. These thin, buttery wafers are baked individually in a round waffle maker and wrapped around the handle of a wooden spoon while still hot, so that they get a cone shape.

Making Wäffelcher is not hard, you just need to have a waffle iron and be careful not to burn your fingers.

You’ll need a round waffle iron, for thin waffles. I recently purchased this one and I’m very happy with it – it makes for very crispy Wäffelcher as the two hotplates are quite heavy. If you want to spend less on a waffle iron, you can go for this one for example, bearing in mind that lighter hotplates make for less crispy waffles (this is generally the case for any waffle-maker).

This recipe is made with Luxlait Rose Butter as part of our brand collaboration.


June 7, 2022