Sweet Bretzel

Luxembourg has lots of quaint traditions, but above all, Bretzelsonndeg is one really lovely example. Every year, on the third Sunday of Lent, we celebrate ‘Bretzel Sunday’. Here, a man should offer his beloved a sweet bretzel. If she accepts, she in return will have to give her man a chocolate Easter egg for Easter. If she refuses, she gives him a basket – hence the Luxembourgish expression ‘hie krut de Kuef’ (he got the basket) if you get dumped…

In leap years, the tradition reverses. Then, the woman is due to offer a pretzel in return for an Easter egg. It’s said that in old times, Bretzelsonndeg set the seal on many marriages.

This year Bretzelsonndeg will be on the 10th March 2024 – and it’s a leap year, so ladies, make sure to put it down in your diary!

Find the recipe here in Luxembourgish.



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March 5, 2021