One-Pot Bouneschlupp Pasta

Bouneschlupp and pasta?! Yes, let’s combine these two! I do love a hearty Bouneschlupp – our traditional Luxembourgish soup made with green beans and Mettwurscht. And for this recipe, I’m adding pasta to the mix!

This is a one-pot pasta dish, meaning that you only need 1 saucepan to cook everything in! In fact, I am cooking the pasta in the Bouneschlupp soup – so that the pasta shells absorb all the lovely Bouneschlupp flavours and the reduced liquid becomes the pasta sauce. In the end I’m adding some mini mozzarella balls and parmesan, to round off this delicious pasta dish. I’m sure you’ll love it!!!

A note on the pasta: I am using Farfalle pasta from Le Moulin. The recipe has been specifically developped with this pasta in mind – so if you use any other brand or pasta shape, the cooking times will change. So, best stick to the recipe and buy Le Moulin Farfalle, to ensure it all works perfectly!

Find the recipe here in Luxembourgish.

November 7, 2023