Carrot, Feta and Mint Börek

Traditionally, Turkish cigara börek are filled with feta and parsley but I decided to make mine with mint, carrot and feta. These cigara börek make for a fantastic party snack – you can roll all your börek before your guests arrive and fry them just before serving. Alternatively, you could fry them all in advance and re-heat them in the oven later.

You can watch me make these börek in my first Istanbul episode.

This is a recipe from my second cookbook “Anne’s Kitchen – Barcelona, Istanbul, Berlin”.

This recipe was a Wildcard Contest Winner on Food 52. Their review of the recipe:

WHO: Anne’s Kitchen is a Luxembourg-born Londoner with a soft spot for Turkish cuisine.
WHAT: A mint-spiked take on a classic Eastern European app.
HOW: Tuck sautéed shallots and carrots, feta, and mint into filo sheets, roll into a filo-burrito, and fry until golden. Don’t forget a drizzle of honey, to finish.
WHY WE LOVE IT: A little fry can go a long way—but that wasn’t the case with these fried rolls: The addition of mint kept them bright, and the honey kept us coming back for more.

October 11, 2014