Chicory Tarte Tatin

When I think of chicory, two dishes from my childhood instantly pop into my mind: chicory salad with apples and walnuts and baked chicory with ham in a béchamel sauce. As a child, I used to find raw chicory much too bitter, but I absolutely loved it baked – that is because once it is baked, the vegetable loses its bitterness and takes on a moorish buttery flavour. Chicory is also beautiful paired with sweet ingredients: in this recipe I am pairing caramelized chicory with salty feta in a flaky puff pastry. A stunning veggie main!

You can watch me make this Tarte Tatin here.

If you want to read the recipe in Luxembourgish, click here.

This is a recipe from my book “Home Sweet Home – My Luxembourg”.

September 24, 2016