Wonky Vegetable Fritters

Did you know that less than 5% of vegetables sold in Luxembourg come from domestic production?! And that 30-40% of the vegetables grown in Luxembourg are not being sold, due to aesthetics and norms?!

Yes, supermarkets won’t sell any wonky vegetables, because they don’t fit the official standard. It’s not all their fault – the entire supply chain, from farming to packaging to shelving, is optimized for standard shapes and sizes. Wonky vegetables can complicate packaging and storage. Plus, consumers might associate the irregular produce with poor quality overall.

So all these vegetables go to waste… Which is an absolute tragedy! So, the people of Onperfekt decided to do something about it. They set up the first shop in the Grand Duchy (in Marnach) selling imperfect produce, and now they’ve launched a weekly wonky veg box service. Every Friday, the Onperfekt website publishes a list of all the fresh 100% local vegetables they’ve rescued. And you can then order your box until Sunday. You can opt for a subscription of 6 or 12 boxes, and decide when you want to get them (regularly or from time to time).

Over the next 5 months, I will be receiving 2 boxes per month – and my challenge will be to come up with 10 delicious recipes that inspire you to cook with wonky vegetables. I already have so many ideas, I’m so excited!

This week I’m starting with a twist on a super popular Luxembourgish dish: the Gromperekichelchen! I’m revamping our beloved potato fritters and turning them into colourful vegetable fritters, made with a whole range of wonky root vegetables! This is a super versatile recipe, and you can use any root vegetables from the box. Simply pair it with some herbs that you have at hand (in the fridge or freezer) and some spices – and serve them with a lovely garlicky lemon yoghurt dip.

The perfect way to use up all your veg – no matter what shape or size (or state) they’re in!

June 12, 2024