Baked Feta, Cherry Tomatoes and Spinach Panzanella

Those who know me know that I’m a massive halloumi fan. Grilled, fried, baked, halloumi is just awesome! But the other day I couldn’t get any halloumi in my shop – so I decided to try some of that magic on a humble square of feta. And boy, it did work!!! A garlicky herb marinate transformed this simple feta block into a mouthwatering, delicious cheesy square of goodness. Slightly crispy on the outside, and moltenly soft on the inside. Amazing.

The baked cherry tomatoes add some tang and give a perfect balance to the feta’s saltiness. While a spinach panzanella adds a bit of freshness to the whole dish.

The perfect veggie menu for a warm summer’s night!

August 9, 2015