Baked feta with lavender peaches

A lovely dish to celebrate the end of summer!

As September is starting, I’m nostalgically looking towards the end of summer and happy to make the most of the last summery evenings. This baked feta with peaches is a fantastic dish to enjoy the last flavours of summer. I’m baking a slab of feta with honey and lavendar, which is growing in my garden. You could use dried lavendar instead, or swap it with rosemary, for a more herby taste. The sweet and tangy peaches add a lovely balance to the salty feta. I’m serving it all with a few simple roti-style flatbreads, perfect to mop up the juices left in the dish. Best enjoyed with a glass of rosé on a terrace on one of the last balmy summer evenings.

You can watch me make this dish here in my show.

This recipe was created as part of my “Staycation” show, inspiring people with recipes from my travels that they can recreate at home – to get us all to travel in our minds despite being stuck at home this summer…

This is a recipe from my cookbook ‘Flavours of Home’.

September 3, 2020