Soft American-style Pretzels with Kachkéis Dip

It’s Bretzelsonndeg this Sunday, and while the tradition is to offer your woman a sweet Bretzel, I think it’s also acceptable to hand out a savoury pretzel – like these soft US-style pretzels. They are a bit like a ‘Laugenbretzel’, but softer and more buttery. I’ve eaten these at Auntie Annie’s in the US and London – just walking past one of those outlets makes my mouth water, as they will lure you in with a yeasty, buttery smell… In the US, pretzels are often served with a sweet mustard dip or with runny cheese. So for me, I had to pair it with a Kachkéis dip – with added pickles for a bit of tang and vavavoom… Enjoy!

March 16, 2023