Bamkuch is reserved for life’s major occasions, and it has a special place in every Luxembourger’s heart. I had a big one for my first Holy Communion and it is the country’s most popular wedding cake. Its name translates as ‘tree cake’ because, when the classic log-shaped version is cut open, you see the baked rings like the rings of a tree trunk.

Making Bamkuch the traditional way at home is virtually impossible, unless you happen to have a horizontal spit in your kitchen: the cake is made by drizzling batter onto the spinning spit, grilling layer after layer.

There are two ways to make my Bamkuch in a normal oven: you can grill the cake layers under the oven grill, but I find it easier to control the baking process by baking the individual layers first before adding the characteristic grill marks with the help of a blow torch.

I serve my Bamkuch in neat square-shaped bites, but if you want to do it the traditional way, cut the cake into very thin, delicate slices.

You can watch me make Bamkuch in this episode of my show.

If you want to read the recipe in Luxembourgish, click here.

October 1, 2016