Quinoa Broccoli salad with pistachios

I like hearty salads that can be a meal in themselves. There’s an abundance of such salads around in London cafés these days, usually beautifully displayed on big serving plates, arranged in various heights to create a mouthwatering salad skyline, luring in passers-by with the promise of exciting flavour combinations. Quinoa salads are definitely always featured!

So, this is my suggestion for a great quinoa salad, that can be eaten warm or cold. Roasting the broccoli gives it a slightly charred dimension, which adds extra flavour. The broccoli is also less watery and keeps some crunch. Paired with roasted garlic yoghurt and pistachios, this is a really great salad to take to a picnic or works perfect as a lunchbox filler.

Also, if you want to serve this salad at a barbecue, it is really great with grilled chicken or halloumi!

August 14, 2016