Kaiserschmarrn with Blueberries and Bacon

Kaiserschmarrn is actually an Austrian dish but you find it on many German menus, too. Legend has it that the wife of Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph I was so obsessed with her slim waistline that she refused to touch this dessert. The Kaiser didn’t want to waste it, so he sampled ‘what “Schmarrn” the chef had cooked up’. He liked it so much that the dessert became known as Kaiserschmarrn across the entire Empire. I like to make Kaiserschmarrn with an American twist, adding blueberries to the batter and serving it with crispy bacon and maple syrup.

I made this red wine cake in the Berlin baking episode of my show, you can watch it here.

This is a recipe from my second cookbook “Anne’s Kitchen – Barcelona, Istanbul, Berlin”.

November 28, 2014