Baked Sweet Potatoes with Miso Yuzu Butter

A few weeks ago I was invited to an evening with the Sorted Food guys, who were demonstrating some quick & easy recipes with unusual ingredients (pandan pancakes with buttermilk fried chicken anyone?!). The idea was to cook with ingredients from their Rennie Mystery Box Challenge – a monthly challenge which the guys are given by Rennie, who provide them with a strange ‘mystery ingredient’ that they have to transform into a delicious recipe.

Sorted Food Guys

I have worked with the Sorted Food guys before, years ago when their global fame was just about really kicking off. Back then, I had just started freelancing for the Associated Press (I shot this video on them), and it was really inspiring to film with these guys who had set up their own successful YouTube cooking channel all by themselves. I have to admit, it was witnessing their ‘self-made’ success and ‘can-do-it attitude’ that inspired me to take the plunge and come up with the whole ‘Anne’s Kitchen Show’ concept. I had been blogging for a couple of years at that moment, and it just suddenly all made sense: I can shoot, I can present and, hell, I can cook! I should have a cooking show! So, thank you Sorted Food for actually giving me the inspiration to make my dreams happen!

Baked sweet potatoes with miso butter

But, enough ramblings! Now, over to this recipe, which is in fact a Rennie Mystery Box challenge! We all received a mystery ingredient at the Sorted Food event – everyone had to open a cupboard and discover what they’d have to cook with. My mystery ingredient provided us all with lots of laughs – I had indeed unknowingly chosen a box containing a gourd in the exact same colours as my outfit!!! A match made in heaven, ey?!

IMG_6902Only problem: these pretty gourds are pretty impossible to cook with! So, after consulting with the Sorted guys (who basically laughed and wished me sincere good luck to cook with this!), I was a bit in a pickle…

Luckily, one other blogger had declined using the yuzu that was in their box. So, I swapped the gourd for deliciously tart yuzu – a Japanese citrus fruit that tastes a bit like a cross of a clementine and a lemon. Totally lovely!


The yuzu’s Japanese origin inspired me to make a Japanese-style dish that’s – in true Sorted spirit – quick and easy to whip up, and quite surprising in flavour: baked sweet potatoes, smothered in miso butter, which is spiked with tart yuzu juice and sprinkled with black sesame seeds and nori strips. Totally yum, and ready in 30mins! Dinner sorted!

Baked sweet potatoes with miso butter

November 13, 2015