Tempeh and Quinoa Goodness Bowl with Miso Peanut Dressing

Sometimes it’s just great to open the fridge, browse what’s inside and just throw together a delicious meal. I guess that’s how the concept of  ‘goodness bowls’ came about: bowls filled with all kinds of vegetarian goodies. For the past year or so, the bloggosphere has been been featuring them heavily, so there’s definitely something about these bright and colourful ‘bowl dishes’.

And honestly, what’s not to like about this simple concept?! Throw together some fresh vegetables, some grains, somekind of sauce/dressing/vegetable purée and anything else that lingers around your fridge. Present it nicely in a bowl and there you go – your goodness bowl’s done!

For my goodness bowl I decided to play around with tempeh – a vegetarian superproduct that I hadn’t eaten in ages.

But, let me be frank: tempeh is a weird one! Blocks of compressed, fermented soybeans, with a nutty and fermented, yeasty taste. Not everyone will like it. I’m not sure I totally do. Fortunately, the miso peanut dressing is the star of the show here, so the tempeh taste is mostly overpowered by it. Next time, I’d make this recipe with tofu or paneer instead.

September 6, 2015