Chicken Kiev Nuggets with Kachkéis Mash

Chicken Kiev was one of my university staples – we’d often buy them ready-made from the supermarket, pop them in the oven and enjoy them Typically, chicken Kiev is a chicken breast filled with garlic butter, breaded and fried. For this recipe, I’m changing the shape and making chicken Kiev nuggets: minced chicken breast stuffed with garlic butter and mozzarella (for a melting texture), all shaped into a massive chicken nugget.

And I’m serving the whole thing with Kachkéis mash!  If you love Kachkéis, this will become your favourite potato mash in the world! The Luxembourgish runny cheese melts into the purée and provides it with a lovely Kachkéis flavour – not too strong, but strong enough to make any Kachkéis lover go ‘yipee’.

This recipe was created as part of my “Recipes for Staying Home” show, to flatten the curve during the 2020 Covid-19 outbreak. The concept is to inspire people to cook comfort dishes at home – I show basic recipes that can be adapted with all kinds of other ingredients. You can watch the episode here.

This is a recipe from my cookbook ‘Flavours of Home’.

May 18, 2020