Portuguese Tempura Beans with Tarragon Mayo

Did you know the Portuguese are to thank for Japanese tempura?! Well yes, when Portuguese missionaries arrived in Japan in the 1600s, they brought with them the art of deep-frying. It’s great how one cuisine is influenced by another, right?

While the Portuguese fry quite a lot of things, I was surprised to discover deep fried green beans on a recent trip to Portugal. They come with the cute name ‘Peixinhos da Horta’ – little fish from the garden. The batter is usually quite thick and made with eggs, but for my version, I’ve taken inspiration from the light Japanese batter, made with sprarkling water. You need to make sure the water is ice cold when making the batter, and you can even put the batter back in the fridge between frying your batches, to ensure an ultimate crispy result.

I’m serving my little bean fish with tarragon mayonnaise – not traditional, but it goes really well with the salted fried beans.

This recipe was sponsored by Rosport.

August 1, 2022