Thai Bouneschlupp

I am partial to giving traditional Luxembourg dishes an international twist. Bouneschlupp is a hearty green bean soup that’s specked with bacon lardons and served with a dash of cream. In my previous book, I created a German-inspired Bouneschlupp, substituting the cream with cream cheese dumplings. I still really like the idea of adding a filling element to Bouneschlupp, so for this version I beefed up my soup with some Asian meatballs. I also added beautifully fragrant herbs to the broth. It might be one step too far for this soup still to be considered a Bouneschlupp, but beans are beans after all, and you can still ‘schlupp’ (slurp) it… So, Bouneschlupp it is!

This is a recipe from my third book Home Sweet Home – My Luxembourg

January 8, 2019