Scallops with carrot puree and chorizo crumbs

Spain prides itself on its seafood and the north-western region of Galicia is renowned for its scallop farms. The scallops’ delicate taste goes well with this sweet carrot puree. I’ve also added a hint of chorizo – a bold flavour, which is a surprisingly good complement to seafood. Sprinkled with a bit of earthy parsley, this dish makes for an elegant Spanish starter. A brief note on scallops: I think scallops only taste good when they’re fresh, so I strongly recommend buying them from a fishmonger and steering clear of frozen ones, as they are likely to have a watery texture and fishy taste.

This dish featured in one of my Barcelona travel episodes, you can watch me make it here.

This is a recipe from my second cookbook “Anne’s Kitchen – Barcelona, Istanbul, Berlin”.

September 26, 2014