Nutella Truffles

Truffles are a great Xmas crowd pleaser, so I decided to include this recipe in my ‘edible xmas gift’ cooking classes in Luxembourg and in Warsaw. These Nutella truffles are really easy to make – simply melt the ganache elements together and then refrigerate for a few hours before shaping your truffles and rolling them in a variety of toppings.

You may be surprised by how soft the ganache is when you shape the truffles (it’s the gooey Nutella that keeps these truffles very soft), and that’s why I recommend using two spoons to shape uneven truffle ‘rocks’. It’s also important you store these truffles in the fridge, as they will soften when they are kept at room temperature.

The Nutella taste is quite subtle, leaving a nutty aftertaste to this dark chocolate ganache. If you prefer a stronger Nutella taste, simply swap the dark chocolate for a good quality milk chocolate.

So, if you have a jar of Nutella lingering around, you know what to do this Xmas! Enjoy!

December 24, 2015