Chocolate Easter Nests

I love quick and easy recipes, and these Easter nests are super yum, impressive and quite easy to make. I’m starting by making almond brittle, which tastes like the croquant eggs you get for Easter. Then I cover the cooled almonds in chocolate and shape them like little nests. After decorating them with festive Easter sprinkles, they need to set for a good hour in the fridge.

These nests are best made with chocolate ‘couverture’ (Kuvertüre) – which is a special baking chocolate. Thanks to its higher fat content, it sets without the need of chocolate tempering. So you get a glossy finish without the tedious work of tempering.

If you don’t mind a more matte finish on your nests, you can simply use normal chocolate, melt it and mix it with the croquant almonds. The perfect use for any leftover Easter chocolate!

And a note on the almonds: If you don’t feel like making croquant, you can simply use toasted almonds, or use cornflakes, rice crispies or broken pieces of Salzstangen instead.

Happy Easter everyone!

March 28, 2021