Caribbean Chicken with Pineapple Slaw

Ah, jerk chicken! Fragrant, spiced, rum-laced barbecued chicken from Jamaica – sunshine on a plate.

Usually, jerk chicken is marinated overnight, which allows the meat to soak up all the spices and taste absolutely awesome.

I never thought you could whip up a quick jerk chicken, that is until I came across Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals, in which he makes a “killer jerk” chicken in half an hour. The idea is to skip the marinating stage, and instead focus on a punchy sauce that packs in all the flavour.

Inspired by Jamie’s inventiveness, I gave his chicken a go. I don’t really like to fully recreate recipes, so I’ve changed the sauce to my liking (doubling the amount, replacing honey with muscovado sugar, adding cinnamon and ginger and using more rum) and I’ve paired the chicken with an awesome pineapple slaw. The result is a really quick cheat’s jerk chicken, great for days when you spontaneously crave a bit of Caribbean sunshine on your plate.

August 27, 2016