Beetroot Apple Soup with Fennel Goat’s Cheese Croutons

Winter is on the way out. I wake up to birdsong in the mornings, the sunshine is starting to feel warm on my face when I walk to the tube and the first flower stems are shooting out of my neighbour’s gardens.

Spring is around the corner. Yet the colder temperatures are sticking around.

While I start making springtime salads for lunch, I still feel like comforting bowls of warming soup in the evenings. That’s where this purple friend fits in. Beetroot’s one of my favourite winter vegetables. Earthy sweetness packed in a super a vibrant colour. It’s simply awesome. Roast it, cook it, mash it, grate it – you name it, this root goes as far as your culinary imagination wants to take it.

I’ve paired beetroot with apple and fennel in this vegetarian soup – the apple’s tartness goes well with the beetroot’s sweetness and the fennel adds some freshness. Eat it with crispy olive oil croutons, smothered in soft goat’s cheese, sprinkled with toasted fennel seeds and drizzled with a cheeky bit of sweet, sweet honey. Winter can stay as long as this soup’s on the table.

March 22, 2015