Quetschen Victoria Sponge Cake

A Victoria Sponge cake is a very traditional British cake: two buttery cake disks sandwiched together with a layer of jam and whipped cream, and simply dusted with a bit of icing sugar. The name dates back to Queen Victoria, who always wanted a piece of cake with her tea. In the UK, this cake is usually filled with strawberry or raspberry jam – but for my Luxembourgish version, I’m using Quetschekraut (damson jam). You will find Quetschekraut in Luxembourgish supermarkets, but if you can, you should buy it at one of  the annual ‘Quetsche-Fester’ (damson festivals) in late summer – these are the best jams out there, cooked in a cauldron over a wooden fire. You can watch me make damson jam at the damson festival in Mensdorf here in my Home Sweet Home show.

This recipe was created as part of my “Recipes for Staying Home” show, to flatten the curve during the 2020 Covid-19 outbreak. The concept is to inspire people to cook comfort dishes at home – I show basic recipes that can be adapted with all kinds of other ingredients. You can watch the episode here.

This is a recipe from my cookbook ‘Flavours of Home’.

May 8, 2020