Upside-down Damson Cake

Damson season is quite a big deal in Luxembourg. There are Quetschefester (damson fêtes) taking place throughout the country where you can sometimes see how they cook Quetschekraut (damson ‘kraut’, a jam of sorts) the old-fashioned way in huge copper caldrons (you can watch me do that in this episode of my show).

I always make sure I make lots of Quetschentaarten (damson tarts) while the fruit is in season – a simple yeast dough topped with damson quarters and dusted with icing sugar just before serving (my recipe can be found here).

But this year I’m looking for other ways to work damsons into my cakes. And this upside-down damson cake is perfect! Lots of juicy fruit cooks at the bottom of a cake tin, topped with a light cinnamon-scented yoghurt cake batter. Once it’s out of the oven and cooled down, you just turn the cake upside-down, and you have it: a super moist and tasty damson cake that will make a change from the traditional Quetschentaart.

August 21, 2019