Turn every day into something special!

This is a cookbook you can turn to for every occasion! TV chef Anne Faber of Anne’s Kitchen takes ingredients we are most likely to find in our kitchens and turns them into 65 easy-going recipes that will become friends for life.

From comforting Luxembourgish dishes and recipes inspired by Anne’s travels to vegetarian delights and perfect everyday cakes, this varied recipe collection will make you want to start cooking immediately.

Watch Anne prepare the dishes in her little kitchen by simply scanning the video QR codes which accompany the recipes. Guaranteed to feed you with culinary inspiration on a daily basis!

Publishing date 14th November 2020

You can contact me for signed copies on anne@anneskitchen.lu. Please include the following info in your email:

  • Address
  • How many books and what language you want the book(s) in (English or German)
  • Who to sign the books for

The book costs 29.95€.

Shipping costs to Luxembourg:

  • 1 copy: 4€
  • 2 copies: 8€
  • 3 copies: 8€
  • 4 or more copies: 12€

Shipping costs to Europe:

  • 1 copy: 6€

Contact me for any other shipping destinations or options.


October 13, 2020