Thai Rieslingspaschtéit

Rieslingspaschtéit is a beloved Luxembourg meat pie that’s filled with white wine jelly. A pure delight!

When I was filming for my show in Bangkok, I needed to cook something for Luxembourg expat Pierre Metz. He requested a Luxembourg Thai fusion dish, and so this Rieslingspaschtéit was born!

It’s amazing how well Thai flavours pair with Luxembourgish white wine (not only in a Paschtéit!), so this really is a match made in heaven.

I’ve also made this Rieslingspaschtéit for catering events, and people loved it so much. Even our prime minister Xavier Bettel and our crown prince Guillaume really enjoyed it when I served it to them. So, one could say that this Thai Rieslingspaschtéit has royal approval!

You can watch me make this Rieslingspaschtéit in this episode of ‘Anne’s Asian Adventures’.

January 15, 2019