Spinach Polpette and Slaw Pitas with Cashew Mayo

Meatballs are a great thing, be it in pasta, sandwiches or just by themselves, smothered in tomato sauce. Total love.

Yet in the UK, I discovered the veggie answer to meatballs and was blown away. I was filming in Windsor castle for the day (a story for ZDF, on old photographs of the Queen), and we stopped for lunch at a prominent Italian restaurant chain. I wasn’t expecting anything exciting for lunch, maybe a pizza or lasagna, but then I came across this vegetarian item of ‘spinach polpette pasta’ – I was intrigued and ordered it. And I was met by a big plate of deep fried, yet pillowy spinach balls in a garlicky zucchini sauce, the whole thing topped with parmesan. It was totally awesome.

So I obviously had to recreate the dish at home! And I was faced with some leftover spinach polpette, which then led me to this awesome recipe. A soft pitta filled with these crispy spinach balls, a vegan cashew “mayo” (! yes, it tastes great!) and a summery red cabbage slaw. Perfect for a light lunch or dinner!

June 19, 2016