Luxembourg-inspired Pierogi

I love cookbooks, in fact, I am the proud owner of an ever-expanding library of cookbooks. So, when I got invited to the ‘Eating Greens’ cookbook launch in Brussels, I had to go! The book is a compilation of 50 recipes provided by Green MEPs, so the recipes are very international and varied.

Our Luxembourg Green MEP, Tilly Metz, has contributed a recipe for Pierogi. These Polish stuffed dumplings don’t seem very much related to Luxembourg at first… but Tilly explains in the book that the recipe comes from a Polish friend of hers, who cooked them for her, and that she has fallen in love with the dish since. What’s great about pierogi is that you can fill them with anything you have at hand, and leftovers can easily be used up in these dumplings.

Tilly’s pierogi are filled with mushrooms and sauerkaut – a typical Polish filling, known as pierogi z grzybami i kapustą kiszoną. For my version, I’ve decided to add a Luxembourg-inspired filling. I’m using broad beans with Bounekräitchen (summer savory – a herb that tastes like a mix of thyme and oregano). Gaardebounen, as we call these beans, are a typical side for a traditional Luxembourgish dish Judd mat Gaardebounen – smoked pork with creamy broad beans cooked with summer savory.

So, these vegetarian pierogi have a Luxembourgish-flavoured filling, and they get finished off with some buttery onions, dollops of sour cream, a bit of fresh dill and chopped gherkins (!) – and if I may say so myself, this tastes amazing! I hope you’ll agree.

If you’re interested in the recipes in ‘Eating Greens’, you can win a copy of the cookbook here – and you’ll automatically get a free PDF version to download after you enter your email.

This post was sponsored by The Greens / EFA in the European parliament in order to promote their cookbook.

April 17, 2024