Bouneschlupp with Cream Cheese Dumplings

Bouneschlupp is a token Luxembourg soup and there are as many versions of Bouneschlupp as there are Luxembourgers, I find. Some add cream, others prefer wine, some add sausage, and others like to keep it vegetarian. The base is always the same though: onions, beans and potatoes in a brothy soup. In Germany, people often add starchy Knödel to their soups, which I like a lot. So when I devised this recipe I thought why not leave out the diced potatoes and add Knödel instead! But not just any Knödel, oh no! This recipe comes with amazing cream cheese dumplings. Totally yum!

I made this Schnitzel in the first Berlin episode of my show, you can watch it here.

If you want the recipe in Luxembourgish, click here.

This is a recipe from my second cookbook “Anne’s Kitchen – Barcelona, Istanbul, Berlin”.

November 15, 2014