Kachkéis Cheese Fondue with Mustard Croutons

Fondue is one of my favourite winter comfort foods. I can’t think of anything cozier and more heartwarming than a saucepan full of melted cheese, spiked with Kirsch!

Kachkéis is a bit of a Luxembourg food oddity: a cooked cheese that iss quite runny – think of the texture of glue: stringy, gloopy and rubbery, but in a good way. In fact, it is a bit like a fondue of sorts! So, to me it was quite obvious that I would have to create a Luxembourg Kachkéis fondue! Since Kachkéis is usually eaten with mustard, I decided to make some mustardy croutons to go with it – mixing Luxembourgish wholegrain and smooth mustard for the ultimate mustard kick!

You can watch how to make this recipe here.

If you want the recipe in Luxembourgish you can find it here.

This is a recipe from my book “Home Sweet Home – My Luxembourg”.

December 10, 2016