Wäinzoossiss Polenta with Parsley Gremolata

This recipe pairs our Luxembourgish Wäinzoossiss sausages with creamy polenta. Wäinzoossiss is a typical Luxembourg pork and beef sausage that’s traditionally served in a creamy mustard and wine sauce, ladled over a good portion of potato purée. For this  dish, I’ve deconstructed the sausages into little meatballs and am serving them with buttery and cheesy polenta. The whole dish gets a kick of freshness by sprinkling a bit of garlic and lemon gremolata over – it really works wonders!

The idea for this recipe came when I was asked by Esch 2022 to create a recipe that celebrates the Minett – the former industrial South of Luxembourg. This region is to this date still heavily marked by the steel industry, and many Italian immigrants settled here in the early 20th century. So to celebrate Esch 2022, I created this fusion dish: using our classic Luxembourgish Wäinzoossiss and sauce, and serving it with Italian polenta and gremolata.

September 16, 2022