Italian Pasta Bake

A fuss-free oven-baked pasta for busy weeknights! The little rice-shaped orzo pasta (also often sold as ‘bagos’ in Luxembourg) is perfect for a pasta bake – as it don’t need to be pre-cooked before going in the oven. It is only important to ensure the vegetable stock that you pour over is really hot, so that the pasta starts cooking as soon as it goes in the oven.

You can chuck in any kind of vegetables or other things – it’s a very adaptable tray bake, so feel free to be creative and use up what’s in your fridge!

Ah, and for your information, in this recipe I’m using a Luxembourgish herb mix by Téi vum Séi – the ‘Wanseler Mix‘ is a lovely mixture of tarragon, hyssop, thyme, sage and majoram. You can use herbes the Provence instead or just thyme or oregano will do.

This recipe was created as part of my “Recipes for Staying Home” show, to flatten the curve during the 2020 Covid-19 outbreak. The concept is to inspire people to cook comfort dishes at home – I show basic recipes that can be adapted with all kinds of other ingredients. You can watch the episode here.

This is a recipe from my cookbook ‘Flavours of Home’.

April 29, 2020