Chocolate Orange Macarons

Seriously, who could say ‘non’ to a macaron?! These melting little delicacies are a real treat and they always make for a showstopping addition to any afternoon tea spread.

But, hang on, did you know that the macaron was actually invented in Luxembourg?! No kidding! Macarons were created by a Luxembourgish confectioner, who worked for Confiserie Namur in 1957. The recipe then made it to Zurich, where the sweet treat received the endearing name Luxemburgerli. While some would argue that macarons had been around long before the Luxemburgerli, I like to think that our little country did play a crucial part in the creation of this confection.

By the way, don’t be intimidated by baking macarons! They may look fancy, but with my foolproof recipe you’ll discover that making macarons is not as hard as it seems.

Watch me make these macarons in my TV show here.

September 27, 2013