Chocolate Fondue

There’s one thing I found that the Brits are crazy about at celebrations… chocolate fountains! Huge towers of flowing melted chocolate, ready to be scooped up with pieces of fruit, marshmallow or cookies… It’s crazy, it’s fun, and it tastes sooo good!

Now, I’m not sure how to recreate a chocolate fountain at home (unless you buy one of those crazy fountain machines), but I know it’s damn easy to melt chocolate and dip all kinds of goodies into it. So, here is my super simple recipe for a quick and yummy chocolate fondue… And you can add a shot of amaretto or rum to the chocolate fondue for a cheeky extra.

Thanks to Villeroy & Boch for sponsoring the beautiful Soup Passion Asia bowls in this recipe, perfect to serve a chocolate fondue in.

Keep a look out for tomorrow’s giveaway post, in which 5 lucky winners can win a signed Anne’s Kitchen book, Luxembourg cookie cutter, plus a cute Villeroy&Boch plate!

November 30, 2016